District Meet

The District meet will be held at Elysian Fields High School on October 17th.
This will be the final race of the season for the Junior High teams, however the top three teams and top 10 individuals in the Varsity divisions will advance to the Regional Championship on October 26th in Huntsville.

Race Schedule:
8:30 Varsity Girls
9:00 JV Girls
9:30 Varsity Boys
10:00 JV Boys
10:30 JH Girls
11:00 JH Boys
Awards to Follow

We will meet at 6:00 and leave at 6:15 from the shed.

Gilmer Results

The last tune up race before the District meet was held at Gilmer on Saturday. The Varsity Boys finished 8th as a team led by Dylan Harris in 3rd place, 16:08. The Varsity girls finished 4th as a team led by Shaynee Tyl’s 2nd place finish in 12:46. The JH girls finished 3rd as a team led by Jaden James’ 13th place finish in 13:59.

Race Results:
Varsity Boys: Team 8th place 133 runners
Dylan Harris 3rd 16:08
Clay McNeese 8th 16:50
Garrett Stephenson 60th 18:50
Zach Herring 66th 19:02
Michael Laughlin 106th 20:32

Varsity Girls: 4th place Team 104 runners
Shaynee Tyl 2nd 12:41
Olivia Sipes 4th 12:46
CeCe Hernandez 9th 13:11
Bella Sacco 45th 14:47
Jaci Wallace 58th 15:04
Luisa Soto 70th 15:21
Sydney Simpson 81st 16:09

JH Girls: Team 3rd place 150 Runners
Jaden James 13th 13:59
Katie Williamson 14th 14:02
Kadyn Scott 31st 14:57
Kaylyn Terry 15:07 39th
Alyssa Hall 42nd 15:16
Baleigh Elliot 47th 15:28
Korbyn Hamilton 58th 15:44
Mattie Simpson 85th 16:52

JH Boys 156 Runners
Stephen Thomas 46th 13:30
Austyn Smith 92nd 15:17
Ryan Banks 132nd 16:49

Gilmer Meet Information

We will travel to Gilmer for the Buckeye Invitational on Saturday, October 10th for our last race before District competition on the 17th.

Race location: Gilmer Elementary 1625 US 271 North. The school is located just past the Walmart on 271 on the left hand side.

Race order:
8:00 JH Girls
8:30 Varsity Girls
9:00 Varsity Boys
10:30 JH Boys

We will meet at the shed at 6:15 and leave at 6:30

Lindale Meet

The High School runners will compete in the Lindale Invitational on Thursday,October 1st this week. The junior high runners will not have a meet this Saturday, but resume competition at the Gilmer Meet on October 10th.

Race Schedule: **Rolling Start for this meet
9:30 Varsity Girls
10:00 Varsity Boys

Location: Garden Valley Gold Course, 22049 FM 1995, Lindale, TX

We will leave at 7:15 from the shed and return to school for afternoon classes.

Gladewater Roundup

All three teams ran away with second place finishes this weekend at the Running of the Bears meet. Dylan Harris captured his first individual gold medal performance in the boy’s varsity race. Harris was followed by teammates Clay McNeese (2nd) and Garrett Stephenson (3rd). In the girls race Shaynee Tyl captured the gold in the girl’s varsity race edging out teammate Olivia Sipes in second. In the junior high girl’s and boy’s races, Katie Williamson (3rd) and Jaden James (8th) and Stephen Thomas (8th) all collected hardware with their top ten finishes.

Race Results:
Varsity Girls Division 2nd place team finish
Shaynee Tyl 13:05 1st
Olivia Sipes 13:09 2nd
CeCe Hernandez 13:35 6th
Bella Sacco 14:37 22nd
Jaci Wallace 15:00 33rd
Luisa Soto 15:27 42nd
Sydney Simpson 15:48 46th

Varsity Boys Division 2nd place team finish
Dylan Harris 16:54 1st
Clay McNeese 17:15 2nd
Garrett Stephenson 17:45 3rd
Zach Herring 18:41 18th
Michael Laughlin 21:30 43rd

JH Girls Division 2nd place team finish
Katie Williamson 14:58 3rd
Jaden James 15:34 8th
Kaylyn Terry 16:22 17th
Kadyn Scott 16:25 18th
Alyssa Hall 17:16 33rd
Korbyn Hamilton 17:24 35th
Baleigh Elliot 17:38 37th
Mattie Simpson 17:42 38th

JH Boys Division
Stephen Thomas 14:02 8th
Austyn Smith 16:01 20th
Ryan Banks 17:35 30th
Weston Whiteside 17:56 33rd

Gladewater Meet

We will race at the Running of the Bears XC meet this week at Gladewater High School football stadium. This course is typically flat and fast. This course is similar to the District course we will compete on in October. The course is also more spectator friendly with many opportunities to watch your runner compete. It starts just outside the stadium and finishes inside the stadium. We will meet at 7:00 AM at the shed on Saturday morning and leave at 7:15. Since this meet is close, it is not a problem if you need to take your runner home after the meet. The race schedule follows:
8:30 Varsity Girls
9:00 Varsity Boys
10:30 Junior High Girls
11:00 Junior High Boys

Puddle Jump and Pig Trot Recap

The Ladynecks and Roughnecks competed well on one of the toughest courses of the season. A true “trail running course”, this race saw many hills and diverse surfaces. The Junior High teams debuted this weekend and raced well for their first meet of the season. Dylan Harris led the boys this week with a second place finish in a time of 17:10. Clay McNeese was behind him in third in 17:50. The boys finished 4th overall as a team out of 13 teams competing. The boys race saw 113 runners compete. In the girls race Olivia Sipes led the Ladynecks to a second place team finish behind Gilmer. Sipes finished the race in 13:35 for 5th place. She was followed by Shaynee Tyl in 8th, 13:56, and CeCe Hernandez in 10th, 14:12. All of these runners collected medals for both programs. In Junior High race Katie Williamson and Stephen Thomas led the teams this week. Williamson finished in 16th place for 15:30 followed by teammate Jaden James in 18th in 15:41. The girls team finished 4th out of 14 teams in a division that saw 162 runners compete. Thomas raced to a 19th place finish in 13:58. The Junior High boys division saw 156 runners race.

Race Results:

Girls Varsity:
Olivia Sipes 5th 13:35
Shaynee Tyl 8th 13:56
CeCe Hernandez 10th 14:12
Jaci Wallace 36th 15:16
Bella Sacco 47th 15:53
Luisa Soto 62nd 16:03
Sydney Simpson 72d 16:41

JH Girls
Katie Williamson 16th 15:30
Jaden James 18th 15:41
Kadyn Scott 47th 17:14
Mattie Simpson 52nd 17:18
Baleigh Elliot 63rd 17:52

Boys Varsity:
Dylan Harris 2nd 17:10
Clay McNeese 3rd 17:50
Thomas Herndon 34th 20:08
Zach Herring 39th 20:17
Garrett Stephenson 69th 21:48
Michael Laughlin 81st 23:08

JH Boys:
Stephen Thomas 19th 13:58
Austyn Smith 79th 16:07
Weston Whiteside 17:43 120th

**If you have pictures from the meet please email them to me, so I can include on the slideshow