Hallsville Meet Information

The meet on September 15th will be held at the Hallsville High School Campus by the football practice fields. We will meet at the shed (metal building in front of the bus barn). We will meet at 6:15AM and leave at 6:30AM. All JH runners need to wear their uniform to the meet. They should wear a WO t-shirt over their uniform top and bring a bag with a towel and snacks for the morning. It is important, they eat something when they get up in the morning. If they don’t feel like eating, send something with them and I will make sure they eat before their race. JH runners should also bring a couple bottles of water and a sports drink (Gatorade, Powerade, Body Armour are good choices). I will have a cooler for their drinks. JH runners may leave with their family after they race, I will have a sign out sheet, however they must ride with family.

Race Schedule: ** Rolling Start. They will start the next race as soon as the previous race finished, therefore times could be earlier. These are only estimated times, arrive early

8:50 Varsity Girls *WO runners competing
9:10 Varsity Boys *WO runners competing
10:15 JH Girls *WO runners competing
10:35 JH Boys *WO runners competing